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ABOUT US Elite Clearance & Removals

Elite Clearance & Removals is a fully experienced and highly professional land & property removal / clearance business that always puts our clients needs at the forefront of our work. We understand that sometimes, life can be difficult, and that's why we're here to help you during these challenging times. Our eco-friendly methods ensure that we recycle at every opportunity, to minimize our impact on the environment.

Land & Property removals made easy
  • Exceeding industry standards - Setting the bar high when it comes to clearance and removal services. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders, ensuring every job is done with the uttermost professionalism and quality​

  • Proven excellence - Don’t just take our word for it. See our highly rated reviews from satisfied customers​

  • Trusted, reliable services - Our established clients include solicitors, local authorities, charities, schools, universities, recycling centres, established building firms and much more​

  • Fully compliant - Waste carriers’ licence, insurance, trained professionals

  • Easy to arrange - Get in touch for a free quote, and we'll arrange house clearance at a time that suits you​

  • Attending site - Our experienced surveyor will attend site to document and assess job requirements

  • Quoting - We aim to quote you onsite during the site survey (rough budget costs via phone)

  • Transparency - You will receive a job pack that includes documentation / pictures of before and after

  • Value - Cost effective planning on time, money, materials and resources (saving where possible)

  • Price - Offering competitive pricing with a high standard

Professionals you can trust

Support & Help

  • Sensitive clearances - Our team is equipped to handle difficult circumstances surrounding clearances. We understand these situations can be delicate requiring careful attention and sensitivity. We navigate these challenges with professionalism and compassion whilst recognizing the importance of treating each clearance with utmost care and respect, ensuring that the process is handled in a way that minimizes any potential negative impact.

  • Ease of home clearance &  during bereavement - When faced with the loss of a loved one, the task of clearing their property can be overwhelming. The emotional burden coupled with the logistical challenges can be a lot to handle.To alleviate some of the stress during this difficult time, we offer a clearance team that can assist you. Our team is experienced in handling the process of clearing a home, allowing you to focus on grieving and honouring your loved one's memory. We understand that this is the last thing you want to think about, and we are here to help ease your burden.

  • Compulsive hoarding disorder - Can affect anyone, pose serious health and safety risks, as well as strain relationships and impact overall well-being. Our team are equipped to navigate the complexities of hoarding situations, providing compassionate and efficient clearing services. We recognize the importance of treating hoarding disorder as a serious condition and are dedicated to helping individuals and families.

  • Discounted slots - Jobs that require multiple loads / days​

  • Emergency call out - We have our line open 24/7 to support any urgent needs

  • Same day removal - Contact us to see if we can help

  • Out of hours work - Planned non-standard working hours can be accommodated 

  • Additional site plan - A fully detailed work plan & safety report

Additionally, we also offer 

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